Mobile Phones

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Mobiles phones have become a companion, rather than a tool merely used in for communication!

The telecommunication industry sector have grown to a greater heights with the advanced developments and application enhancements of mobile phones, which are rather required and desired by today’s generation. Today adoption towards smartphones is on the rise at a tremendous pace, with smartphones pretty much you can have a whole computer in your hands and as the world is changing more towards ‘on the go,’ smartphone is the way to go. People have become particular about all the features in a phone, say games, networking applications, typing compatibility, responsive speed of the mobile, OS particulars, versions, etc… yes, thus people have become the inspiration for most advanced mobile creations, and the demand is always seemed to be higher than the supply.

Mobile Applications

The smartphone industry re-booted with the introduction of Apple’s IPhone in the year 2007, and IPhone was the major contributor for wide adoption of smartphones. Before the IPhone reign, smartphones were mainly considered for the business savvy and tech savvy people. Now the arena has completely been changed, the non-business and non-tech savvy people are driving the force behind the invention of today’s smartphones. The RIM and Nokia in the rapid smartphone world are yesteryear players, the game is soon changing. It is all about who can deliver the most appealing UI, the end user experience as quickly as possible. With the advent of Google’s Android, the smartphone market saw another explosion, although only 2 years later Android was launched, they are now the most prominent smartphone platform in terms of market share. Another important driving factor for the adoption of different smartphone OS is the availability of mobile apps, for IPhone you can download the apps from ITunes store, for Android you can download from Android market, Amazon and for Windows phone you can download the apps from Windows marketplace.

Upcoming Mobile Phones

You could see most innovative and interesting games popping over the category of mobile application features, especially the games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Doodle jump, monopoly, Need for speed etc… are quite a few most popular games in developed nations like USA, UK, etc… Such games keep people occupied during their wait times, or boring hours, or travel times, etc… in other words have become a meaningful free time activity. In fact, such games act as stress busters, knowledge repository of giving in plenty of information and facts about a particular topic, and injects creative aspirations too! Nowadays, the advanced mobile phones, smart phones like android, blackberry, etc... are becoming quite popular via interesting games features too. Plenty of other applications like mobile network accelerator, feature available in smartphones, Muslim book pack of blackberry, a powerful backup recovery software, namely mobibackup of android phones, mobile phone tracker, Wyse pocket cloud, which enables the remote access to the desktops at home, or at office, travel networking website, namely the hummba, and many more… have turned the mobile usage a blissful experience!